Friday, 1 July 2011

Online Shopping

Online shopping is brilliant. Especially for me at the moment. I can get what I want or need at the click of the button. It's amazing - until it goes wrong that is!
Around the time of the royal wedding I had done an online shop and ordered it to be delivered on the day of the royal wedding. I was surprised they were doing deliveries that day but figured that's why the delivery charges were a bit more expensive! We had family coming down that weekend to visit us and meet little H. So because it was coming towards the end of the month we had hardly anything and needed that shop. So on the morning of the delivery I get a phone call from the head office of the shop (I think its best I don't mention the name as I don't know the legal implications) anyway, they were phoning to say that they were unable to deliver the shopping on that day did I want to schedule delivery for another day. No I said, I have family coming down and need that shop it also has baby milk which I also need. Not to worry I was told if I was able I could send someone in to pick it up and it would be waiting at the customer service desk. So off trots the hubby to go and get the shopping. I get a phone call from him asking could I remember who I had spoken to? No I couldn't what did it matter. Long story short the shopping hadn't been done and the attitude my husband received was a case of, probably best if you delete the order and start again or just go and pick it for yourself. Your not the first person this has happened to. Now surely if that had been other customers going into pick up shopping you would have thought that common sense would have prevailed and that they would maybe think to get a list of customers and ring them to apologise and explain the situation.
So my hubby not being one for confrontation took a delivery slot for the next day and a voucher for the store and came home. Hormonal and not one to be messed with I tried ringing the store, only for someone to answer and hang up again. Unacceptable!! Long story short again, I rung head office to be told it was a special day and allowances should be made because nothing in life is guaranteed. As I pointed out to the lady on the end of the phone, it may well be a special day but as a business you prepare for that and make sure you have enough staff on and why couldn't someone just pick my shopping so we could go back in and get it. Well she tried ringing the store and couldn't get through. I asked did I have any guarantees that the shopping would be delivered the following day to receive the same there are no guarantees in life but  I can ask the store to ring you.
The store never rang, the shopping turned up late, and reading for the list after being told we wouldn't be charged for delivery they had actually charged us more than the original delivery charge. So unimpressed.
I then realised after hubby had unpacked the shopping that I should pay closer attention to the size of things, the quiche that I had planned on us having for lunch was bite size. I wont be making that mistake again I told myself...
So yesterday I did the monthly shop to be delivered online and seen that some of my favorite chocolates were on special offer, who could resist that. I also saw some plastic bowls which looked fairly big like they would be good for salads and putting crisps and nibbles in when having people over...
My hubby shouts up do you want me to bring your chocolates up? Oh my mouth is watering! I can nearly taste them I can't wait to slowly work my way through them. No-one gets between a woman and her chocolate.. I can hear him chuckling to himself as hes coming up the stairs. He comes towards me and hands me the tiniest box you have ever seen. FOUR BLOOMING CHOCOLATES!!! If something seems to good to be true then it must be!!
He then comes up the stairs again and says planning ahead are we. HUH? What are you talking about and he precedes to show me the tiniest bowls ever. He said are these for H? I could so have got away with it, but I fessed up and told him no. At which point he laughs even more.
I think I may have learnt my lesson now. I am heartbroken over the chocolate. Especially seems as its still that time of the month and lets face it that's when chocolate becomes a matter of life and death! I am laughing now, because otherwise I think I would have actually cried. I'm glad my hubby was so amused. Its ok I'm sure karma will bite him in the bottom!! hahaha!!


  1. Some things are just meant to be done the old fashioned way! Very funny post, obviously laughing with you, not at you! Would never do that to another woman, especialy at 'that time of the month'! Am now following you. Nat

  2. So impressed you saw the funny side! Same thing happened to me. I'd done an order for the afternoon when I had friends coming for supper that night. Shopping didn't arrive till 10pm, and as I had little in the house except baked beans and breakfast cereal we ordered a take away. Never again!

  3. oh no! but a take away is always good and it sounds like it came to your rescue!! haha

  4. I had a similar problem to the quiche one!

    you have to find the funny side don't you!!

  5. I love doing my food shop online but have made a couple mistakes,now I try to stick to my usual items.Hope you made your husband go out and buy you the biggest box of chocolates ever after that.

  6. You certainly have to find the funny side, if you didnt laugh you would cry!! Oh my husband went out and bought me two of the big boxes after taking the mickey! I also try to stick to the usual now!x