Thursday, 30 June 2011

Sleep Talking

We all have annoying habits and I have to say that one of my husbands most annoying habits is that he clicks his tongue in his sleep. Almost as if he is trying to salivate, numerous times I have woke him up and told him to have a drink, thinking that its possible that hes thirsty. It never works! Now it would seem little H is taking after her daddy, who would believe it?! All you can hear on the baby monitor is sighs and the clicking tongue.
What cracks me up the most is the *pumping* as my mother has told me to politely put it in the past. Sometimes little H is that loud that she wakes herself up. It always has me and the hubby in hysterics!
Anyway on to the title of sleep talking. My husband for some reason when he is stressed, or had one to many sleep talks, and on the odd occasion has been know to sleep walk!
One night when I was heavily pregnant (and struggling to sleep, apparently the sleepless nights start before the baby arrives) it was about 4am and I had finally managed to fall asleep. About an hour later I was being nudged so I woke up, looking daggers at the hubby through half open eyes when he says to me "life's a b***h" and proceeds to laugh incensed I jumped up and asked him what did you just wake me up to say.. At this point hes giggling and snorting and generally chatting rubbish. This is when I realise his eyes are shut and oh look at that hes snoring hes obviously asleep.
The other half's biggest habit is getting up in the middle of the night getting something to eat having a cigarette and coming back to bed, the times I have gone down in the morning to find bread crumbs all over the kitchen side! So I will shout and rant, and he honestly hasn't got a clue, he has no recollection of getting something to eat in the middle of the night.
We have had many incidents like this, and like I say the main time it happens is mainly when he is stressed or has had a few down the pub. Well as you can probably tell from the rest of my posts this year hasn't been the easiest year for us, so stress levels have been high. Well when T and P came down from Swindon T ordered the boys out of the house whilst I was laid down. When I came downstairs and was told they had left about 8 I was dreading it expecting the other half to be completely ratted. I know he needs to let his hair down especially at the moment. But seriously when I am stone cold sober in pain and have a headache, I really am not in the mood to deal with his drunkenness.
It was ok though. He came in and was a bit tipsy but not completely drunk which was a shock. So anyway we trotted off to bed. At stupid o'clock in the morning I got up to go for a wee. As I was sat on the toilet he tried to come in and use the toilet. "I'm on here" I practically shouted, he was mumbling about something and then said I will use the other bathroom. Now we have a downstairs toilet so I was expecting him to use that. Then I heard the spare bedroom door open. Jumping off the toilet and dashing in to the spare bedroom, I managed to lead him in to the toilet, but the best of it was when I first started shouting at him his response was "I'm not peeing on the blood bath mat whats wrong with that!" as i pointed out to him "your not even near the blooming toilet!!"
After he had been to the toilet he must have woke himself up and come in to the bathroom where I was hanging out the window having a cheeky fag. Head down he said to me "Its a good job T and P are staying downstairs and not in the spare room". Oh i was howling with laughter- I hadn't laughed like that for a long time. He looked at me and said don't laugh I don't deserve to laugh. Silly boy!!
Luckily we are a few weeks on from then and apart from the odd murmuring in his sleep about a skipper rolling over and it being 11.30 we haven't had any other incidents. But it still makes me chuckle, so I thought I would share it with you!!


  1. Poor old other half....I'm a bit of a sleep walker too, and have done things I shouldn't have done! Seems to have abated a bit now, but I used to put a bag infront of hotel room doors, otherwise I'd wander into the corridor! Very funny post! xx

  2. Luckily when he tried to escape in a hotel once I heard the door slamming and managed to retrieve him, it's always funny to look back on but there are times when I'm so very tired that it takes me a while to see the funny side!! Do you sleep walk alot?Xx