Monday, 27 June 2011

Worry Wart

I just can't help it, at heart I am a worry wart, it's in my DNA! I don't like loud noises so this morning, after the other half had taken H out to get her a bouncer, I heard a wailing siren. Now the only way I can think of describing this noise was that it was like the sirens they have in the world war films just before a bomb is about to drop.
Now I had remembered the oh saying some time back that if ever I heard it and it was for real it would mean there had been a necular accident and to shut all the windows and doors. So I struggled out of bed to shut the windows, all the time trying to ring the oh. Well after about ten minutes of trying I finally got through.
Safe to say he found it amusing, apparently they test these alarms on a Monday, so it was a false alarm. But all that was going through my head at the time was were the oh and H safe, and when would it be safe for them to come home. Plus how on earth was I going to cope on my own for more than half an hour when I can't get down the stairs!
Then to top it off it started thundering and lightening, now I don't mind this, if there is someone else in the house with me. But I will admit it other wise I am a BIG wimp! How I ever managed to cope living on my own or when the oh is on deployment is beyond me.
Another thing that the oh comes in handy for is removing spiders and creepy crawlies. A few weeks ago I was in the bath and out the corner of my eye I spotted something moving, I felt goose bumps on my arm and let out a blood curdling scream. The oh comes bounding up the stairs and flys in to the bathroom thinking I must be being attacked or something. To see me trembling and pointing in the corner hissing get rid of it!!
I have another funny story, when I was living at home I'd come in from my shift at the pub and it felt like someone or something had followed me in. I saw a shadow on the wall behind me and the next thing this frog leapt in to the air! I nearly had an accident! My mums partner at the time refused to deal with it so mum rolled her eyes and got the thing out the door.
When the oh was last on deployment we were living in a masionette and it was above a dentist surgery so it was safe to have the windows open whilst I was at work. Trust me, you had to keep them open because it was like a furnace otherwise! So anyway I'd come back from a busy day at work and was on the phone to my mum, whilst I was doing this I had gone to sit down at the computer. When I felt something brush up against my leg I jumped in the air, dropped the phone and, yes you got it let out another of my famous blood curdling screams..
I could hear my mum shouting down the phone so I picked up laughing, it was a cat. God knows how it had got in. But it was a regular visitor after that, personally i think it liked jumping out on me and scaring me. Although I was slightly concerned that I may find one day that it had had a litter of kittens...

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