Saturday, 18 June 2011

Cliff Hangers

Well its 7am and i have been up since about 5am stressing! So not like me i love my sleep! Well last night (by the way this isnt what im stressing over!!) me and the hubster decided to watch a bit of Las Vegas before going to bed, it was a fantastic episode one of those to be continued ones, a real cliff hanger. Went to get the next one only to find out they have stopped making the bloody thing..
Dont think ive ever been so fustrated over a programme!! Well the lil one should be waking up soon, which means i get my morning smiles which should put me in a better mood! Been thinking about how me and the hub can resolve the family issues, and i just seem to be going around in circles, we have pretty much tried everything.
Research a little more in to Avascular Necrosis last night, wish i hadnt, think i need to stop looking at the websites now and just wait until i see the surgeon. Im just so impaitent and want answers now, thats my problem!

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