Tuesday, 21 June 2011

First Day of Summer

Well from what i can see from my position in bed the sun is kind of shining. Although T has told me that in actual fact its not that warm outside.. But still being stuck upstairs in bed is no fun for anyone, but after yesterday I don't think i will make it down the stairs.
Yesterday I needed to go to the doctors to follow up on my pain medication and anti depressants... Well who would have thought a car ride could be so eventful. On the way there a car nearly crashed in to the side of us as he wasn't paying attention and went to pull out without indicating! Then as the oh pulled his car out of our parking spot a smart car came speeding round the corner. So oh managed to swerve to avoid the other car- who was doing about 50 in a 20 zone, that car stopped and then came speeding towards us and put her brakes on before hitting us. What is wrong with some people?! If I hadn't have been in so much pain I would have took her licence plate number down and reported her.. Admittedly though if she had have crashed in to us would have done her car more damage, but really its not the point!
So my back which was bad any way is now jarred. The oh was feeling worse for wear this morning, personally i think its a hangover!! So i was worried because right now we cant afford for him to be ill as well!But hey ho another day down and another day closer to my appointment with the orthopaedic surgeon!

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  1. Some people need to retake thier test every 3 years I think xx