Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Mummys girl

Well this is going to sound bad, but little H was crying her heart out and not settling for Daddy so I asked him to bring her up to me, we had some huggles and she went for a nap. Think she was over tired and fighting it, but for some reason when shes like that she will only settle for me singing to her. Now the awful sounding part of this is that it makes me happy. Now the reason it makes me happy at the moment is because it makes me feel like i can actually do something for her.
As I think I have said before in previous posts I find it too painful to feed her at the moment, have tried propping her up on pillows but that still means putting my back in an awkward position. I will be glad when I have seen the surgeon and they have done what ever they have to do so that the oh can get back to work and me and the wee one can crack on.
I do enjoy spending time just me and her chatting away to each other, we cant understand one another but who cares! But with all the tablets I am on I don't get to spend too much time with her before I need to sleep, and I cant sit in a chair for more than 20 mins without being in agony!
So pleased to see that little H is coming on, today she was reaching out and grabbing her toys. Admittedly once she gets hold of them they go straight to her mouth, but that's normal, I think?! She also managed to roll over yesterday, me and oh cheered, but she got her arm stuck and now its almost like she cant be bothered to do it again. Instead she tries to either wriggle up the bed on her tummy or if shes on her back tries to wriggle around on her bum, its quite amusing to watch.
I was on the phone to my mum yesterday and we had the I'm so sorry I finally understand all the things you did now I am a mum conversation. She then pointed out that one day I will have the same conversation with H and that is a scary thought. Because whilst it feels a million miles away the way time is flying at the moment I'm pretty sure she will be at that age before I know it!
The oh gets annoyed when I talk like that, he says she has to be allowed a boyfriend first and that's not going to happen until shes at least thirty according to him ha! She already has him wrapped round his little finger and she cant even talk yet! He went to the shops for bread and milk (why is it always bread and milk?!) and came back with three new outfits for her. He then did a me, I saved money because they were on offer. I couldn't help but laugh and the next time he says something to me when I say that I can just remind him of this, we women have long memories!!


  1. I suffer from severe Psoriatici arthritis , similar to rheumatoid that came on almost overnight after giving birth to my daughter . It was dreadful i already had a 1 year old and then a new baby to try to cope with as well as this devastating disability. my children are now 11 and 12 , and although i am still ill and have days i cant move i do cope a little better ...things will brighten up :)

  2. Mine is also pa, I have lived with it for years and I think if it was just that I could cope however the thought of a hip replacement scares me. I know the light is at the end of the tunnel it's just difficult to see somedays x