Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Oh dear, the doorbell just went and T answered it, i thought who's that. Totally forgot that the teacher of the deaf was out for H today. So it was probably one of her weirdest visits sitting on the end of the bed chatting!
Even worse was until she started talking I was thinking I recognise you, but who are you?! Glad I didn't ask I would have felt like even more of a muppet.
She popped round with a development folder which she said she normally doesn't give out if children only have a hearing loss in one ear, but, because i found the subject interesting she was more than happy to give me a copy. Looking on the bright side because it is only one ear that H is deaf in it wont really affect her, a hearing aid wouldn't help because of the type of loss but they can put like a hearing aid around the head that means anything said to her left ear travels round, but to be honest if its big and bulky and liable to confuse her, i don't see the benefit. Thing is kids are cruel and when she starts school, a long way off admittedly, I don't want anything that may draw attention to it.
Things that I wonder about is how do you tell a child that they are deaf in one ear? And when? So many questions but I guess like everything with being a new mum, its a learning curve..

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