Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Down Day

Today has been a particularly bad day.I woke up this morning with my head pounding and my throat was killing me! I was really snappy with the oh before bursting into uncontrollable sobs. I just felt so helpless and useless. Mainly where little H is concerned. Plus I am getting really scared with all the new symptoms that I seem to be getting.
Mainly at night I get what feels like my leg and spine or even sometimes my feet are vibrating. Then when I was sat with H my leg would not stop shaking, it lasted for about 20 mins. Its horrible because I honestly feel like I have no control over my body any more! I don't know if all of these things along with the pins and needles is to do with my discs being the way they are in my back. I hope so, because if not it means that there is something else wrong, and I don't think that I can cope with that right now.
Little H is getting bigger by the day and is thriving. She is constantly smiling and giggling so I know that she's happy and content so me and the oh must be doing something right. We were honestly blessed with her and I have to say if she was a screaming baby I wouldn't have coped I would have had a break down.
I think that I did the right thing by going back on the anti depressants but obviously I have only been on them for just over a week, so they haven't quite kicked in yet.
I seem to spend most of my days sleeping, and when I am not sleeping I nip on the laptop for a while, have cuddles with little H and the oh. Or watching films, so the same old same old!


  1. hang in there - no one finds it easy and you obviously have extra stuff to deal with, I love this post because although it starts sad - you find the positive and it end on a high! keep at it! XX

  2. thank you! I always try to look for the positives and obviously have days were i find that difficult to do, but i will get there gonna go and have a nosey at your blog now xx