Monday, 20 June 2011


Well i feel groggy today, hardly surprising the amount of pain killers I'm on at the moment. Although frustratingly enough I'm now going in to the third week of being on my period. My poor husband! It doesn't do much to help my mood i must say!!
We have naval personnel family service to come out today to see if they can help us with anything at the moment, we have been blessed that the oh is in the forces because i honestly believe that if he had been in any other job and i had been like this i would have been stuffed. Either that or i would have had to have moved back in with my mother.
Now i love her to pieces and i know she would agree with me on this one, but we cant live together for long! Last year i was supposed to be moving in with her for 2 weeks before moving to Cyprus, well Cyprus fell through and is now a dirty word in this house (its one place we wont be going for our honeymoon!) and i ended up being there for 4 months. How we managed not to kill one another what with her being menopausal and me being 6 months pregnant and highly hormonal is a bit of a miracle!!!
I think it was the longest 4 months of my life, what i hated was the fact that the oh wasn't at sea but yet i still couldn't see him every night, plus sleeping on an air bed when you have arthritis, have a beach whale belly and spd isn't ideal! But hey it was a bed so i suppose i shouldn't complain, but the first time i slept in a normal bed it felt like i had been hit by a truck!! Now it feels like that every morning anyway!!
Well i may post later with a bit of an update, but I'm going to shoot for now as i want a quick fag before the lady gets here..

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