Saturday, 18 June 2011


Sitting around doing nothing is draining! How i wish i could be taking the pram out for a walk at the moment. Feeling pretty low today. Managed to get some sleep this afternoon but i dont really feel any better for it. Just feel in shock to be honest, like maybe the hospital got it wrong and really there isnt anything wrong with me. At least nothing involving surgery. But i think more than anything at the moment thats wishful thinking..
Watching Run Away Jury and also playing zuma on the laptop.. highly addictive. Baby girl is asleep, but when she wakes up will be getting the hubby to bring her up to me for some cuddles.. they always make me feel better.
Baby girl was chuckling away to herself this morning. Would love to know what babies think about, also am fasinated about what they dream about. I mean at such a young age what do they know to dream about that can make them smile or whimper in their sleep.. I suppose its one of those things we will never really know.

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