Sunday, 17 July 2011

The Hubster And Shopping

My Husband has been trained well ha ha. Well at least I have tried to train him in budget shopping. There are certain things though that I cant stand the cheap versions of and that's sweet corn and peas. I also don't like cheap bread, to me it tastes different. That's mainly since I was pregnant though, because even the smell of bread made me heave.

Many a time my husband would come home and ask where the bread was, to which my reply was in the bin. You see he had a habit of keeping it in the fridge which stunk the fridge out and made me loose my appetite.
As my regular blog readers will know I can't get about so I do the main shop online. Then if we run out of anything things like milk and bread (Its always milk and bread)  I send the hubby out to the shops.

I will always say to him, do you want me to write you a list? You see I know what he is like! He always forgets at least one thing. I tell you his memory is shocking especially when he is stressed, and at this moment in time our life is quite stressful.

So the other morning, I sent him out to get my prescription, as we had forgotten to get it on the Friday. I was panicking because even though I had seen posters in the surgery advertising Saturday appointments, I wasn't confident that it would be open.

So off he goes. I nod off and wake up about an hour or so later. He isn't home yet so I am quietly confident that doctors were open and its taking him so long to wait for the prescription. I knew he had said he would get some bread and milk (again) and a few other bits and bobs as T and P are down next week to look after me and H.

So anyway I hear the front door open 'Honey I'm hooomee!' he yells and then comes bounding up the stairs like an excited little school boy about to show his mummy his latest drawing!
I couldn't quite figure out why he had brought the shopping upstairs. Then he starts getting all excited and gabbering away 'I hope you don't mind.. but look what I got.'. he the proceeds to pull out a variety of clothes for H in the next size up. Of course I don't mind him getting her stuff, in actually fact I think its really sweet.

He then goes on to say... yes this phrase has come back and bit me in the arse... look how much money I saved us because it was in the sale. I laughed and said yes you did save money because I suppose it is needed, but that's the only way you save.

Then he goes oh and just in case you were mad at me for getting some bits.. I got you some more nighties, as
I know you like your PJ's and nighties (mainly because that's the most comfy thing to wear with my skin at the moment).

Guess what folks he came back without half of the stuff he was meant to get. Including no prescription !(docs wasn't open). Still managed to spend enough for 5p off fuel. I'm telling you that's some expensive bread and milk. Mind you not as expensive as the lamb chops we brought. When I was about 8 months pregnant and we still had the Mazda we knew we had to get rid. Anyway this one day I was craving lamb chops on the way to the shops we went past a car garage and I told D to turn in to see how much we would get for a part exchange. We ended up leaving with a brand new car and no lamb chops!!

Now before I tell you about his next purchase I have to explain something. The first new years eve we were together we were at his parents and were about to go to London for it. It was bitter cold and we were looking for hats to wear. He then comes out with a flat cap. Me, A and N were all laughing. I suppose when he hasn't shaved he looks pretty good in one. Still it reminds me of an old man.

He then for months afterwards is sulking because he can't find one to buy. So imagine my delight when in December before Christmas I found one. So he gets his beloved hat Christmas day and I swear for about a week the only time he didn't wear it was he had a shower!

Then T and P came down just before H was born. When T left she picked up the coats hanging on the banister. They go home. A few hours later I get a phone call of T 'Er I picked up D's flat cap by accident' laughing I say 'thats fine!'

D whilst I'm still on the phone comes in looking a bit upset.. Where's my flat cap babe? So I tell him whats happened. He seemed to go a bit pale. Tears seemed to be filling her eyes, as he knew it was going to be a while before we would go to Swindon and before they would come here. Tell her to post it back! He yells. I'm not impressed I love that hat and its the right weather to wear it in!!

T laughingly refused to post it and told him he would just have to wait. I think it was about 4 months before he got the hat back and I swear I saw him kiss it and caress it telling it he would never let it out of his sight again.

His cousin told me not to worry its just his Yorkshire genes coming out and if he ever asks for whippets its a no no!! So going back to the shopping, out the bag he pulls out a pink flat cap designed for babies. I didn't even know they did flat caps for kids let alone babies. But somehow my hubby managed to grab one and bag a bargain in the process ( I reckon its because they weren't selling ha ha!)

He's took his obsession to a whole new level. Now he is determined to get her an outfit that matches, even though the hat is a little big for her. H however, seems to like the hat and I have to admit it doesn't look that bad on what do you think?


  1. Oh how gorgeous, my cousin and I had our little boys a month apart and as she lives on a farm her little lad has grown up with flat caps. He looks so good in them, so does Baba, I keep trying to sneak one in the house. But Mr L completely refuses but I love them xx

  2. How nice that your kids will grow up so close in age. You may just have to get a relative to buy one and tell Mr L that it would be rude not to use it as its a gift haha!! Where theres a will there is a way!!