Wednesday, 6 July 2011

My Mum (Glam-ma)

As the theme for bloggers today (or at least the posts I have read today) seem to be about grandparents. I wanted to write about my mum. She is so much more than a mum to me. Sadly she lives about 3hours away so at the moment it is impossible for me to do the distance to go and see her.

This photo is of 'glam-ma' (as she prefers to be called) and Lil H. H absolutely adores her glam-ma.

My mum isn't just my mum and glam-ma. She is my best friend, my rock, and my sounding board! As those of you who have followed my blog will know things haven't been that easy at the moment. Even though she has a lot going off her end, she has dropped everything to come and help out when she can.

When I had my miscarriage within an hour of me phoning her to tell her she jumped on a train and came down to me. I don't think she will ever know how much that helped. I wouldn't necessarily feel like going out because I was so low, but she would get me up and out of bed and take me to the beach.

It was the first time she had done the train journey to Plymouth, and having a fear of changing trains etc. I know how difficult that must have been for her, but she was there in my hour of need. We would stay up for hours talking and reminiscing about things, just as we do when she comes down now.

For a few days after she has gone home, the house always feels a little bit quiet and I can honestly say I miss not living near her especially now I have H. I appreciate her so much more now that I am a mum and understand things that I didn't when I was younger. As you would probably know if you knew how many times we had a disagreement and I got kicked out!!

My hubby always laughs when I say I'm going to ring her, he will say great I will play on my game for a few hours. I never think that we will be that long on the phone, but I think we are normally on the phone at least 2 hours a night and one night we were on the phone for 6 hours!! Good job we get free minutes!

She has kept me positive and sane these last few months when it has felt like my whole world was crashing round my ears, she would be there to listen and give advice. She truly is a fantastic woman and my shoulder. I would be lost without her.

She is also a fantastic grandma. Excited from the very beginning and there for me at every step of the pregnancy, she was very careful to give us space when we wanted it but would always be there if needed.  H as you can see from the above photo adores her, and does get spoilt with love and attention from her.

Plus mum already got H's Xmas presents in January before she was even born. I remember picking up a doll thinking it was for one of her friends and said oh is that for so and so's little girl. The reply 'no its for H' 'But H will only be 9months at christmas' 'It's ok she's going to be advanced!!'

I will leave at that because I could bore you all night with how supportive my mum has been, even when she hasn't agreed with something!

As a side note, my mum hates having her photo taken so the few I have are with her and H. She says shes not photogenic but I think she is!


  1. A fabulous post showing how special a relationship you have with her. I have a similar one with mine and can relate whole-heartedly.

  2. A heart felt post! My parents divorced when I was 16 and my relationship with my Mum hasn't been an easy one. I am fortunate to have a Stepmother who I adore and has brought me up since the age of 18 as her own and so I feel, blessed! I would love to think my daughters will be writing posts like this one about our relationship in the years to come. Look me up, I have two girls aged 10 & 13!

  3. Thank you The boy and me, its brilliant to have a relationship like it, we didnt when we were younger but we were both stubborn lol. Tracy its great that you get on with your stepmother, I will definatley be taking a peak at your site later! x