Friday, 29 July 2011

At Last!!

I think I may finally after all these month just possibly, hold my breath and cross my fingers be getting somewhere. After having to pay £250 for a 15 minute consultation (Thank you so so much dad!!) Which my husband worked out at roughly £17 a minute... Maybe I need to think about a new career ha ha!!

But getting back on to the subject yesterday was the day, again. I didn't want to call it d-day again in case of jinxing it to disaster day again. He took some notes did a through a examination and thankfully doesn't believe it to be MS... breath a sigh of relief.. possibly the first one in months!

He did admittedly get my back up when he tried pinning it on my arthritis and psoriasis..oh and lets not forget pregnancy... I thought here we bloody go again. But instead of keeping my mouth shut this time I piped up and asked him how would that cause the other symptoms I am having. At which point he shut up. Probably not the wisest move to insult or put a professor in his place, but I have got to the stage that I am sick of doctors with their god like arrogance.

So anyway he said that he wants to review my last MRI, because, wait for it... It could be to do with my slipped disc and the possibility of Avascular Necrosis as.. as I had said before, symptoms mirror and also refer to other places.. that's why its called referred pain! But he did say he also wants another MRI of my Neck, Brain (that should be an interesting one ha ha) and of my spine, to see if there are any changes. Then go from there.

I asked how much an MRI would cost and he was honest and told us to go through the nhs as it will be just as quick and will save us A LOT of money! Then my doctor rang to say that she had put through a referral for the pain management team (could be interesting as they aren't sure whats causing the problems and she doesn't think they will help) and was also going to send me to a spinal specialist.

Finally they seem to be sitting up and listening. But what I think is disgraceful is the fact they cant get me in to pain management until the middle of September and they only managed to get me in that early by saying back pain rather than general!

Ahh well, have to chase up my hip MRI, which if it still shows water on the bone means that its looking more and more likely that it is Avascular Necrosis, and if the idiot says hes still not sure as much as I don't want to I will be telling him to take a bloody biopsy. I don't particularly want to wait around to see if my hip collapses!! Gorden Bennett I need a bloody good holiday!!

So maybe just maybe, slowly but surely I am making progress. Today for the first time in a long time I have woken up with out my legs feeling completely weak and am able to use my zimmer rather than the wheel chair to get to the bathroom. Not going downstairs, don't want to spoil what is actually at the moment a good day pain wise.

My mum was telling me this morning that she thinks I have lost confidence and am not the person I was. I have to say I totally agree. There has been alot thrown at me this year. But step by step I am getting there. I WILL beat whatever this is. I WILL get better for my Husband and Daughter. I WILL be able to start living again not just existing! The last few days have also taught me that their are Doctors out there willing to listen and help!

I have had some cuddles with H put her on the bed and boom feet straight in mouth. Then looks at me cheekily with her cheeky laugh as if to say look at what I can do!


  1. Thats brilliant you are getting somewhere, well done for standing up to the consultant. Good luck at the pain clinic hopefully you have well and truly turned the corner xxx

    Picture is very cute xxx

  2. I feel like the old me is starting to come back so I am ready to fight to get answers and not just be palmed of with physio because they made things worse last time doing that!! I know I took it this morning and she hasnt stopped playing with her feet yet! xx

  3. after my first flare with psoriatic arthritis it took about 5 years to regain the strength and confidence to do anything on my self . it was like a whirlwind and took over my life , i cant begin to explain, but im sure you know EXACTLY what i mean. I have managed well for the past 6 years but now slipping back into the vicious circle or pain, weakness, depression and lack of confidence. Chin up and keep smiling , thats the best way to deal with it ive found! x

  4. I really do know what you mean, I think its also taking things a day at a time and trying to be strong even when you dont feel like it xx

  5. At £17 a minute I should think you would want him to shut up and move on to something else! Really glad things are looking up, good luck.

  6. Tell me about it! Thanks just got to wait for scans and results.. half of my life seems to be spent waiting for something these days!!