Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Isn't it funny the things that we can remember from when we were little, but ask me what I had for breakfast this morning and I wouldn't have a clue!

My mum is down this week, and as we always seem to do we sat reminiscing. God that makes me feel old! As we were talking I remembered a few things me and my brother L used to get up to. Some of these stories you may or may not find funny, it could be that you had to be there. But that's for you to decide and I thought I would share anyway.

When I was really tiny I remember me and my dad in the kitchen baking fairy cakes, I remember eating the rice paper that was supposed to go on the top of the cakes. My dad told me I had better go into the garden and see if L wanted any. I remember looking out and seeing a bee flying round his head. I realised that he was petrified of bees, and I would go rescue him.... So I picked up the baseball bat next to the door, dragging it behind me as it was very heavy for my little arms. I got to L and managed to lift it up and WHACK. I got it I killed the bee... I had also knocked my brother out, you see the bee was above L's head...

A few years on.. not many and we were at our caravan in skeg vegas! Well L had made friends with older kids on the site, and somehow, I don't remember how but condoms came up in to the subject, I being as young as I was didn't know what they were and innocently asked L... He told me they were flowers and next time me and mum were out shopping to ask for a bunch of them...

When we were a little older we got a dog called Lady, a gorgeous golden retriever. One day mum had put the heating on. Now mum was very strict on windows and doors being closed when the heating was on. She also was strict on lying... Anyway mum had walked past the front door to get to the kitchen and came in the living room to ask who had done it. Both me and L said that it wasn't us. Mum not believing this doors don't open on there own.. and not being happy about the fact that one of us was obviously lying I knew it wasn't me and wasn't going to take the wrap for this one. I hated being grounded! So anyway we are told that we are being sent to a bad boys and girls home for telling lies..
We were taken upstairs and told to pack all our socks and knickers in to a bag. We got in the car with my dad, a very solemn and quiet, crying two little children. I had already hatched a plan to run away to my grandma's! When suddenly L cries out it was me! I am shooting daggers at him, hello we nearly ended up in a home why didn't he say earlier!
The next morning my dad is making us breakfast in the kitchen when we hear the door open.. clever dog.. she had let herself in and so L was ungrounded!

Another few years on.. I was always on a mission to frighten L.. So much so that he now says he is scared for life! Anyway my favorite hiding place was behind the door in the living room. So one day he waltz's in with a cup of tea in his hand I jump out screaming BOO (god I was a horrid child haha) and he says to me I knew you were there all along so he lets out a fake scream throws his tea all over mums new carpet and shouts MUUUUMMM LOOK WHAT E MADE ME DO!! Mum comes running down finger pointing in face "Here's a news flash for you your grounded and your pocket money is confiscated for the next two months".. I never did get that pocket money back!!

The next year on from this me and L were in my room and hes laid on a pull out chair (one of those things that turns in to a single bed) and he says to me "I reckon I've got about a fiver in my money box" me "so?" "So I don't want to go school tomorrow so if you jump on my arm I will give you it." Being a child of about 8 or so this seemed like a REALLY good deal to me...
So I ran the length of the landing and bomb dived on to his arm.. He instantly screamed ran running in to our parents and grassed me up. The parents weren't happy and trotted him off to a and e. I didn't break his arm however  I did strain all the ligaments in his arm wrist and shoulder! From what I remember he got the day of school, I never did get that fiver and I ended up getting grounded...

There are many more memories like this, and I will share them another day as I think I have whittled on enough for one day!


  1. Sounds like you and L used to get on like a house on fire... What trouble you caused! LMAO xx

  2. oh yes!! we certainly did haha..few stories about my best mate when I was younger but like I say will save those for another day!x

  3. these are great stories. i must blog about some of me and my sister, you have inspired me!

  4. glad you enjoyed them tbh i didnt think anyone would be that interested.. will keep an eye on ur site to hear some of your stories!

  5. sorry just realised that urs is a private blog x

  6. Love the bee story made me smile! Now following you. Looking forward to reading more x