Thursday, 14 July 2011

A Better Day

OK so I will admit I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Snappy, irritable and ready to bite someones head off at any given opportunity. Sadly my husband seems to manage this very easily.

Anyway today I was waiting for a phone call from the doctor. They refuse to do home visits unless you are elderly. Doesn't seem to matter that I am disabled and some days bed bound. Meaning my blood tests I was supposed to have never happened.

So when she rang I asked about a referral to a private hospital and straight away she agreed that may be wise because of the waiting lists, although I wonder if that's because she thinks she wont have to put up with me!! So anyway she was asking for a list of symptoms. After everyone she was saying is that it? Erm nope theres a BIG list of them.

I mentioned that a friends of mine has ms (bit of a fib, but its been playing on my mind) and has said that my symptoms are similar to some of hers. At that the GP paused and then agreed that, with how fast things were deteriorating she felt that I was in need of a brain MRI to see if there is any nerve damage as she believes that my problems are definitely do to with nerves.

However, she warned me that she is unable to order this test. Apparently there are strict rules and because of what the orthopaedic surgeon said she can't really go against that. But if I see a neurologist privately and he suggests an MRI and we can't afford it privately the NHS will have to listen and take his advice as if they don't they could be liable for a law suit.

I have an appointment on the 28th its two weeks away. Bit of a pain was hoping to get in next week, but two weeks is a damn sight better than two months. It really frustrates me that I have to pay privately before anyone will take me seriously! Also the fact that these consultants are on the NHS normally. I am seeing a professor the best of the best hey?!

The doctor also suggested increasing my anti-depressants, which i agreed to. Then she asked for a list of the things I am running low on. Seriously its like a pharmacy in my room at the moment! I try not to take them during the day as I don't want to end up addicted to them. Sadly though the pain has reached a level whereby this is no longer possible.

So this afternoon was the appointment with the surgeon. After my GP had turned around and told me that she didn't feel that my gallstones were big enough to be a problem and that she felt that they wouldn't remove my gallbladder even though I need it out to start on my medication for my skin and joints. I was ready for a fight.

That readiness for a fight increased when the wait jumped from 30mins to 1hr to 2hrs we were the last to be seen. He simply walked in sat down, asked me what medication it is they want to start me on, which requires the gallbladder being removed. The fight went out me like a whoosh of air. He had read my notes! Good sign. He seems to be on my side.

He wasted no time in telling me that he would recommend the surgery be done by himself, the waiting list is 4 months however, they often have cancellations, that no-one wants to take would I want one of those at short notice? HELL YES!! Get me in! Whip the bloody thing out. I don't want it or need it. I want to be in and out and then I am one problem down only half a dozen left ha ha!

So this has left me feeling more positive. Not all doctors have their heads up their arses and no bed side manner, some are nice. He explained the possible complications gave me a leaflet and for the first time in a long time I left feeling reassured.

Don't get me wrong I am still nervous about having an operation especially since when my tonsils were taken out I woke up on the operating table.. another story for another day..

Oh and H was amazing she was quiet and used her whisper voice to chat in the waiting room she didn't whinge or cry. Until the nurses tried talking to her seems she has something against them. Bottom lip comes out starts to tremble proper baby tears and everything. My theory is she associates them with her jabs I don't know or maybe its something about the uniform. Just coincidentally that the past two nurses when they tried talking to her made her cry! Shes not a baby who makes strange with new people. She normally doesn't care as long as you feed her and cuddle her, oh and lets not forget continuous singing of row row row your boat. If you sing it about 20x you get a laugh!


  1. so glad it was a more positive day and that progress is being made x

  2. So glad that progress is being made, we had a battle with Baba when he was younger. His eyelashes where growing the wrong way we battled for months to be referred every doctor used to tell us it was an awful op and to wait longer. We finally got to see our own doc, you know what it's like you see everyone else don't you. Finally I threw a wobbler that we had to see our doc he took one look at Baba and was furious we hadn't been referred we were referred, seen the consultant and operated on in a couple of months. And the operation was really not that bad! xx

  3. Thats fab Kerry but it really winds me up when we have to fight for these things for starters we know our own bodies and we also know our babies but sadly because of the odd one or two who take the mick with a bad back to con the benifit system it means everyone else isnt taken so seriously x