Saturday, 16 July 2011

Pet Peeves

Anyway last night was a pretty bad night, every time I had to get up to pee, which is often, poor hubby, I was in tears. Just standing up took such a huge effort, sitting down the same again. My legs were that weak I couldn't lift the wheelchair foot thingy ma bobs up.

Thankfully though I have an amazing husband who makes me laugh. We were sat having a cigarette last night and started talking about how would a mum who's in a wheelchair with a baby do things like go out to shop? I know there's online shopping but its not the same!

Then somehow we came on to the conversation of pet hates. Now as I said to D one of my biggest pet hates, and this will sound strange, is that we have to pay for sanitary towels or tampons. What do blokes have to pay for?! Its just not on.

The hub then had me cracking up saying about razors and how it always annoys him when he sees an advert basically saying 'look at our new razor, our old one is crap you must rush out and buy the new one NOW!' Well his argument to that is, why do they make crap products in the first place!

Also the hubby has a huge thing about the blame society, the society of suing. Now I can kind of see his point. Especially with things like whiplash. There really is no way to medically prove that the victim did suffer whiplash. As I pointed out to him yes accidents do happen, but when they shouldn't have because there was an easy way to resolve it and it potentially causes life long problems for the person, then why shouldn't they sue?

I have to admit though, when watching Super Size Me I was gobsmacked at the two girls trying to sue McDonald's for them being overweight. That's ridiculous, its not like anyone forced them in there at gun point and made them eat it. Thankfully it got thrown out. The only reason it got thrown out? Was because they couldn't prove it was the McDonald's food that made them fat. Hang on a minute what about free will? It was there choice to go in there and eat it. If they cant eat properly its not really the companies fault.

 Then there is the other time that the McDonald's got sued which astounded me that it won. Basically someone went in to McDonald's and ordered a coffee then spilt it over themselves. They then took the case to court as there was no warning label on the cup. HELLO! Whats wrong with these people? Coffee is hot, it is made from boiling water, what do you expect?! So now when you next have a cup of coffee in there and see caution hot, you will know how that came about.

Then another favourite case of mine. Cruise control, everyone who drives will know that basically it keeps speed constant. You still have to steer. Also watch the road in case you need to brake. So anyway some chappy gets his new car with cruise control. Puts it on and then climbs in to the back of the car. Yup you guessed it, he crashed. But his case won because nowhere in the manual did it say that you had to steer!

Also another peeve, magazines. I love picking up a magazine with true life stories. You know what gets me? When you have paid about £1 for a nice big magazine, bit of trashy reading time and BAM. Adverts pretty much every blinking page! Now I know they have to make a profit, but I would rather pay a bit more to not have adverts thrown in my face constantly. Its bad enough on TV where the adverts seem to happen every five minutes and is it just me or have the adverts got longer and the programmes shorter???

Well that's my ramblings for tonight, I've probably bored you all to sleep. Do you have a pet peeve? If so drop me a comment I would love to know what it is!

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