Saturday, 2 July 2011

My fairy tale story..

So this post is about me and the oh and how we met. I suppose it's a cross between a fairy tale and a whirl wind romance!
It was J's birthday party and I had been begged to come by his other half H. She tried tempting me with men. Which at the time seemed like a pretty stupid thing to tempt me with because after the last disastrous relationship I had sworn off men for life, they were all the same rahrahrah.. But I couldn't resist the chance to see their two lovely little ones. So anyway I get there and there is no-one else there. H's organisational skills strike again. A little bit later theres a knock on the door. Finally someone else!
In walks the D. Automatically and shockingly I give him the once over, already J is making the short jokes at D and D is batting the jokes back. When I say jokes I don't mean jokes that you laugh at because they are funny but jokes that you laugh at because they are THAT BAD!!
Anyway we are playing trivial pursuit and J and H get in to a bit of a domestic, I'm kinda used to it but guessing D isn't so I suggest that we go to the living room and leave them 2 to it! We are sat there and he asks if I want to play chicken or dare, a matlow game. For those of you who don't know it basically it involves you putting the hand on each others knee and working your way up until someone shouts chicken.
Trust me I shouted chicken first, as we fell back on the sofa laughing we started to kiss. We stayed up all night talking as we were staying at J an H's for the night. The next day he gave me a lift home and took my number and promised to be in touch, I didn't think anymore of it.
A week or so later he came to stay with me for 3 days and then after that we saw one another pretty much every weekend, unless he was duty in which case I would try and trek to Plymouth and stay in his cabin with him.
We met in October and he always said to me after that first night that he knew I fancied him because I laughed at his jokes, my retort - it was pity laughter- they were that bad! Anyway it came to January and D had just before we met found out that he had a 2 year old son. So one night when we were at the pub we were sat outside and I said to him that I understood things must be difficult for him trying to divide his time between me, his family, his mates and his son, and I would totally understand if he wanted a break. There was no way I wanted to get any further in to the relationship to get my heartbroken, because at this point I knew I was madly in love with him!
Before I get on to the rest of that night I will just quickly explain new years eve, we went to London and basically things started to go wrong when we queued for the toilets as we knew how long the queue was we would miss the fireworks. He got huffy- so not like him, and we ended up trekking back to his parents house where we were staying! He was very quiet that night and the next day and I honestly thought things were over.
Anyway back to later in January sat outside the pub, he says no he doesn't want that, shall we call a cab and go home with a take out bottle of wine. So that's what we did. As we are sat in the back of the cab I repeat the question is he sure he doesn't want to finish. He said no I don't and I'm not going to ask you in the back of a taxi, I was clueless as to what he was on about.
So we get back to my little flat and I ask him to put the wine in the fridge whilst I go to the loo. All I can hear is CRASH BANG WALLOP. Now you have to understand my flat was my pride and joy and it sounded like it was being demolished, I go rushing towards the living room to have the door slammed shut in my face.
Now I'm not just worried anymore I'm pissed off what the blooming hell is going on here! Just a minute D shouts.. A minute I'll give him a minute. Then a muffled come in. I'm thinking come in! The cheek its my flat.
There he is on one knee a Daisy Lamp (yes you read this right a lamp) in his mouth and a flares sparkly hat ( I don't know don't ask). My hearts in my mouth is this a piss take or is he about to.. before I can finish the question in my head he removes the lamp from his mouth and says "Will you do me the greatest honour of becoming Mrs B********" instead of jumping up and down I look to the sparkly hat and at him again and I can't help it, its on the tip of my tongue... "Are you serious?" when he said yes that was it YES i screamed jumping into his arms.
Now going back to New Years Eve he finally explains his behaviour and why it had been so strange. He had been planning to pop the question then, but as things started to go wrong he was worried that I would say no and that the signs were telling him not to ask. He decided that night in January was the best night to ask because it made him realise how much he loved me and couldn't bear the thought of losing me, so he felt he had nothing to lose by asking.
Now at this time we had been together for three months so your probably thinking, long engagement. Well I will get to that in a minute. He hadn't even met my mum yet! That night we talked about moving in together in the May.
Next day my mums coming over and I am all over the place thinking how can I tell her? What will she say? How will she react? So she comes round and introductions are done, we are all sat at the table having a fag and I jump up to make the coffee grinning like the village idiot. Mum looks at me, she knows somethings going on, shes not stupid. What you laughing at? Not laughing just smiling! Oh my god your not pregnant are you? No! But that's my fiancee.
Note dropped jaws from Mum and her partner as she looks at me and then back to D. Well you two don't waste anytime. Then she starts going on about me extending my contract on the flat. I can't break this to her today I know shes struggling to take in the fact that I'm engaged so I just act all mysterious and you don't know what the future holds.
The next night after D had gone home I invite mum over for a bottle of wine, knowing shes a bit of a  lightweight and thinking maybe if i get her pissed she will take the news of me moving from Swindon to Plymouth a little easier. Nope. Didn't really work. She was happy I was happy and thought that with it not happening till may it would give her a bit of time to get her head round the idea....
One weekend in March we went to have a look at some flats and fell in love with a maisonette which was dirt cheap- we would find out later why, but that's for another post! So we were asked did we want to put a deposit down or risk losing it. Stuff it put a deposit down. The move in date, the following weekend... GULP.. How am I going to break this one to mum?!
So steady breaths, dry lips, sweaty palms, heart beating fast I start describing the place to mum, and then I break the news. I don't think she knew how to respond. It was all happening so fast. The last night in Swindon we went to see mum and there were a few tears, but she said she was proud of me and glad I was so happy and she thought I was really brave to take such a big leap and start a new life.
So our life living together began most of it was spent in our own little bubble so when D got orders to go to sea it was a shock I knew no-one and was on the temp books but didn't have any work. A few days after he left I found out I had been pregnant as I was having a miscarriage, I'm not going to go in to details but it caused a bit of a stir and things got a bit weird.
So when D got back instead of planning a big wedding we decided stuff it, we are going to Gretna Green. We managed to organise our wedding in three weeks and got married in Comlongon Castle. It was so hard keeping it a secret from everyone, mum had pretty much guessed by then that we were going to run away and get married. In the end we invited her as well as my best friend at the time and her partner and D's two best mates. It was a beautiful day and the sun shone, defiantly my happy ending.
At the time of the wedding I was already about 5 weeks pregnant I had known from week 2. We had decided to try for a baby as soon as the oh had come back from deployment and we were lucky on the first try and this is my beautiful little one
so it is true that when you least expect it someone can come along and steal your heart. Me and D will have been married a year on 8th August. We have been through more than most couples go through in 20 years and we have survived it and come out stronger.


  1. I got a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes a couple of times during this story.

    You write it like you are talking, so it was very easy to understand and to feel like I was right there with you.

    Great post.

    What an absolute fairytale.

    Thank you for your comment on my post just now. Like your it is quite wordy so thanks for the patience you had in reading it (I read every single word of the above as it was gripping).
    Liska xxx

  2. Thank you for taking the time to read it, I know its quite legnthy I sometimes cant help myself once I start rambling haha! Not a problem I enjoyed reading it xx

  3. Cracking engagement story! Looks as though you've got a lot to say - I look forward to the next instalments.

  4. Thank you! I always have too much to say as my husband says he's worried that H will grow up and be as talkative as me, then as he says he won't stand a chance lol! X