Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Well today is the day. It has been such a long time coming! And a rather stressful one at that. For those of you who are newly reading the blog I have what they believe to be avascular necrosis of the hip (which is where the bone in the hip dies).

So today is the day where I finally get to see the surgeon. Like I say it has been a long time coming and a very stressful time for all of us living in the household. Apart from lil H, she don't give a monkey's. Shes always smiling and laughing.

My husband goes around like nothing phases him like hes not worried. But I know differently. How do I know? Well if you refer to my sleep talking/walking post you will understand that when he is stressed he either goes walk abouts or starts talking.

The beginning of this week all I could talk about was THE appointment. So one night after talking about we go to bed and to sleep. I feel better for talking about it and think the hub feels better too. Best to get it off your chest right?

*Insert buzzer sound here* WRONG. 7am in the morning I get shook awake.
D: Sh~t its Easter
Me: No its not
D: Yes it is
Me: No its not remember the presents your mum and dad and my mum got H.
D: Your just lying to me because you don't want to get me an egg. Its soooo not fair (mumbles)

I turn around to give him the look of death to find out ladies and gents that the husband is yet again talking in his sleep. When he woke up I told him what he had said and he laughingly turned to me and said 'dunno how that happened I was dreaming of Santa clause, the Easter bunny must have come along'. I didn't ask anymore, I didn't think I wanted to know ha ha.

So anyway I have my questions ready and I will be back on later, if its not to bad and I'm not a crying snot monster with the results.

Not to happy already though as I know tomorrow I have the doctors and I have to have fasting bloods as they want to check me (again) for diabetes. So watch out world, until I get my grub I will be a miserable cow! Also I have another appointment with a different surgeon about having my gallbladder removed, I feel like I may have a fight on my hands, will explain in my gallbladder surgeon post!

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