Friday, 22 July 2011

Friday again

Well its Friday again. This week has flown by, mainly I think due to the fact that I missed two days sleeping. So today was time to say goodbye to T. I know it will be quite a while before I see her now and I am gutted, she is such a good friend and has always been there.

She has sorted out the house from us. Leaving it sparkling. Helped out by sorting our wadrobes out and helped me sort lil H's clothes. She really is a god send and has a heart of gold.

On a brighter note, me and the other half were ordering each others anniversary presents. Anyway one of mine and one of his turned up today so we were naughty and opened them. We are both like a pair of big kids and love giving one another gifts to see the others reaction.

When I was about to order hubbys gift I asked T if she thought ordering him a newspaper from the day he was born was more of a birthday gift. She agreed and said yes maybe look at doing something else... I said to her, we will probably end up getting one another the same gift!

Well turns out we nearly did if T hadn't have said it would be better for his birthday, as I now have a newspaper from the day I was born with a certificate to show its genuine. What I got the oh was a fake newspaper article, but it does look real. Saying how we had won couple of the year. Its an amusing piece that you stick your own picture in and was a bargain as it came framed and with a spare of the newspaper article.

We have both now said that the other stuff we are waiting on to be delievered we wont be giving one another as our anniversary isnt until the 8th of August. I am so chuffed with my purchases as I mainly managed to stick to paper and from what the hub has said so has he!

Another good thing was that I got my new glasses today so I can actually see for a change which makes me one happy bunny! Holly has now decided she is fasinated by her feet and tends to hold her legs up when T was changing her bum occasionally trying to give her toe a lil chew!!

And day 3 of the cream on my skin, also had a face mask first to get rid of some of the dead skin.

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