Sunday, 3 July 2011

The Big Day Itself

What I didn't mention in any of yesterdays post was the actual wedding day. The night before the lads had been winding D up saying they were going to drive somewhere far away from the venue and leave him there. I tell you my blood pressure must have been rising as my cheeks got pinker and pinker A spotted the signs and realised I was getting like a volcano ready to explode. Nobody messes with the pregnant hormonal bride!! So A took me to one side and promised me faithfully that he would come back unscathed and totally sober, as at this point they were threatening to get him drunk!

You see the ceremony was at 6pm so the idea was because he hadn't had a stag doo he would have sort of a stag day, obviously without the drinking! So off they trotted to Hadrian's wall whilst me and V went up to the penthouse suite that I was staying in. I pretty much passed out as I was in the first trimester of my pregnancy and always felt drained. The boys were getting up to mischief on the way back to the hotel, as D was about to get in the car they drove off with out him. They didn't leave him there for long, but long enough for him to panic. No sooner had I woke up than the hair and make up artist had arrived.
Mum was getting all teary. As she said though, she wasn't quite sure her mascara was water proof so she had better stop.

Now the original plan was that V was going to help me in to my dress as she was the one who had practised. But because D was so paranoid about being late to the castle V was dragged off before I was dressed. The hair and make up artist told me not to worry as she was a pro at putting peoples dresses on.
No sooner was my dress on and me and my mum were about to make a toast then the phone rang. I jumped up and rushed to it. The car was downstairs filled with excitement I turned to my Mum and said come on lets go!

As we sat in the car my Mum turned to me and asked me if I was nervous. I sat back and thought about it
for a moment. I can honestly say I wasn't one bit nervous it was the one thing I had been most certain of. It wasn't something we had done lightly it was what we wanted. As far as I was and still am concerned D is my soul mate and I will love him until my last breath.

So we got the venue and the planner and registrar came out to finalise a few details. This is when she turns to me and asks me what music have I brought. At this point I'm trying not to get frustrated. No-one told me to bring a cd with music to be played otherwise I would have done. I thought they would have something to play. I was told well normally people go with the bagpipes but because you didn't want that you could have brought your own cd.

I was determined not to let anything get to me. Mum was already joking about how she was going to put me on a skateboard and push me down the aisle. The registrar jokingly told me not to panic, the groom and the rest of the party had arrived and they hadn't forgotten the rings. I can't remember much else of the conversation to be honest its all a blur now. I was just itching to get in and marry D.

So we entered in to a room which was lit purely by candles with a great big well in the middle. There were beautiful stained glass windows but it wasn't until afterwards that I took notice of the room we were in. So Mum's joke about putting me on a skateboard seemed like less of a joke as she practically ran me up to the front of the room!!
When we entered the room I expected D to turn around to look at me, but he didn't that was the only time I got nervous I began to panic, heart racing all sorts of thoughts were going through my head. Had he changed his mind? Was he going to change his mind half way through? So panicking I was glad when I got beside him and he turned to me and said, you look beautiful. He had tears in his eyes and I could see he was shaking it was then that I realised I was to.Turned out later when we were talking about it that the registrar had told him to face the wall and not turn around until I got to his side.

 The registrar told us he was rather surprised we were all early it was 5.53pm but we could be begin. By 6pm we were married. It seriously was that quick. All the time I was panicking thinking I was going to mess up my vows and say something stupid like I take you to be my awful wedded husband! Thankfully we both got it right!

There was a moment when we were exchanging rings that both me and D started to giggle thinking that N had given us the wrong rings. Now had we not been in such an excited happy state we would have realised that there is no way on earth that D's ring would fit me!

So anyway as we are signing the register and the photographer says right time for photos my Mum, not so quietly, and remember theres not a lot of us in the room and its quite echoy, she says "Is that it?BLOODY HELL THAT WAS QUICK" there was a moment silence as we all turned to her and started to laugh. Talk about ice breaker!! Plus when A caught it on video as he swung the video round to capture her, shes looking round as if to say who was that!

So we go do the long torturous bit of photographs. Anyway hes got us sat on this wall and underneath it and surrounding it is a pond. As he's getting me to move along the wall.. I nearly fall in luckily D catches me in time! I don't think the photos would have looked so great, although would have been good for 250 on you've been framed or whatever its called now...

So anyway as we are stood having a group photo and waiting for the photographer to set up my mum says oh look over there isn't that so idyllic, cows grazing in the field. Now K being the wind up merchant that he is turns towards my mum and goes nah they ain't cows theys water buffalo's. Mums going your pulling my leg. Nah deadly serious. Now K is brilliant at keeping a straight face when he's having someone on. So theres a fantastic picture of all of us laughing so hard!!

The rest of the day was fantastic. Apart from the fact I had to get V to re-do my dress as the hairdresser hadn't dont it tight enough and I kept falling out and theres a few photos of me with my dress a bit to low.

 Then it was time for our meal. Now we had paid extra to have a separate room to dine in. This hotel wasn't what you would call cheap and we were spending ALOT of money there. So the waitress comes and basically slaps down the menus with a face like a slapped bum. I'm not to happy about her attitude but ignore it. So anyway we all order and off she trots when my Mum and her partner spot that there was two menus and they hadn't seen the other menu and there was something that they preferred on that. So we called the waitress back and ask her if she could change the order. No she says, its being made already. Off she trots. Nearly an hour later we are still waiting on starters so getting really annoyed now. This is my big day the waitress is a bit of a cow and we are all starving it shouldn't be that difficult to keep an eye on us!

So I catch the attention of another waiter. I complain about how long we have been waiting, and how the fact we couldn't have changed the main. Also the waitress attitude. I will have a word with her and go and chase your starters up.

He didn't even apologize. He just went off and our starters appeared and to be honest they were a bit cold. Plus the meal then took another hour. Count to ten, don't scream don't shout wait till tomorrow and then make your point with a manager. So I enjoyed the rest of the evening. The speech from N was lovely. Although he didn't finish it, later on after he had left he text me to tell me it wasn't nerves he was just that emotional because he was so happy that he knew he couldn't continue without crying! Bless!
Me and D retired upstairs to our suite and sat on the balcony with a bucks fizz, someone was setting off Chinese lanterns and we had low soft music on in the background, perfect end to a perfect day.
Anyway the next day we went downstairs to find that they had messed up and added things on to our bill that we hadn't had. I then went on to complain about the night before now in tears, saying to the manager how this was now putting a downer on the day. They gave us some discount. Apparently the chap I had complained to the night before was a manager, he just never bothered introducing himself.
When we got in the car I realised we had a very big discount what the manager hadn't bothered telling us was that he'd took money off our food bill!

Three months later my mum rung to say.. I think K was wrong I don't think they were water buffalo at all.. I couldn't speak through my tears for about half an hour and when we relayed this back to everyone else they were all laughing to. Next year I'm going to get Mum a birthday card with water buffalo on the front so next time she will know what they look like.


  1. Sounds really awesome! Xxx

  2. thanks hun apart from having H (although that obvious) it was one of the best days of my life x