Friday, 15 July 2011

My little adventure

Before I start today's post I just want to give you a link to my guest blog that was kindly posted today its called The Luck Gene

Well as my regular readers probably know, most days I am pretty much bed bound. The only time in the last 2 months that I have been out the house is to doctors appointments or hospital appointments. The hubby had decided that this just wouldn't do and I needed to get out. Even if it was just to Tesco.

The past few days had been particularly painful so I have pretty much been taking my painkillers and sleeping all day. Today the pain level  was more tolerable. So I suggested timidly that maybe a trip in to Drakes Circus in town may be in order for the day.

Now that's a task and a half. I have to balance Holly on my knee whilst Dave obviously pushes us. What you don't think about is how the hell are you supposed to shop?! Its fun, especially when we saw a bigger bath for H as her one is just too small for her now. So I had that balanced on the arm of the chair with my other arm firmly round H. That meant a trip back to the car before starting again.

I have to admit both me and D are shocked. We spent a fair bit, and none of it on us! We got H a lot of clothes in the next size up because there are sales on! Anyway as we were queuing in Superdrug I got a bit off a whiff in my nostrils... Oh O time to change H.

So the other half suggests going to Cafe Nero. He gets the drinks tries to pay by card but their machines are down which means he will have to go get cash. More importantly he needs to change H first. He trots upstairs to the toilets and tells me theres no baby changing bit. I said to him try the back of the store pretty sure they have a toilet which is also a changing station. Nope Mr B knows best. Off he trots.

He comes back the waitress pops over to our table and I ask is there any disabled toilets.. guess what folks Mrs B was right! At the back of the cafe.. and in there.. hey presto one changing station. One flushed Mr B. We go back to the table and D goes to get his drink. The woman on the table is chatting away. I am feeling awkward, but H attracts them all in.

She continues to chat and I don't want to be rude but I really have to get my phone out my pocket at this point which would mean turning away. However, H sorted that problem out. The next time the woman looked at her bottom lip came out and the uuuuu sound..

D comes and sits back at the table and we are chatting away. Then once again D my knight in shinning armour comes to my rescue, when out of nowhere this massive and I mean massive burp escapes without me realising. OH MY GOD! I just want the floor to open up and swallow me. D in the mean time turns to H 'good girl H, such a good girl, that was a nice big burp'.

Who said babies weren't good for anything? ha ha! H just smiled almost like she was in on the joke. Apart from the odd nearly crashing me in to shop displays, good steering there hub! It was a nice day. It made a nice change to get out.

I also thought oh whilst I am out I will get my eyes tested. I explain about the odd double vision and the odd bout of blurring in one eye. After she had finished examining my eyes and telling me my prescription had changed quite dramatically she said it didn't account for the double vision or blurriness as it wasn't happening all the time and wasn't accompanied by the migraines. She asked me if I had been referred to a Neurologist because if not she wanted to refer me. So looks like my option was a damn sight better than my GP!!

So I picked up some different frames two different pairs who can resist a BOGOF, I was even more impressed when it turned out that even with the cost of the eye test it cost me less than £100 I will be sticking to speck savers in the future!

Oh I lied when I said I didn't get anything, obviously I have my glasses which hub will be picking up Friday. Also he brought me some lovely sunflowers. What a darling. Even if I did have to excessively hint. *cough cough* them flowers are beautiful, would really cheer up the bedroom, seems as you killed my purple plant *cough*

On the way home it was a case of oh bugger. Guess what we didn't do. We didn't pick up my prescription I am pretty sure the docs is open on a Saturday I bloody hope so.

I did notice a lot of people staring. And for once I was unsure why, was it the psoriasis the wheelchair or the baby! But I didn't care because H was giving me beaming smiles as well as charming the passers by. Seems that having a baby is a great ice breaker!! I'm glad I went in to town. I was nervous as hell but didn't want to become institutionalized. I am shattered now and could sleep for a week. But I did it. Admittedly will be a while before I do it again so online shopping watch out.. I just will try not to make the same mistakes ha ha!


  1. That's a really lovely photo. Sounds like you had a very successful shopping trip and it's always good to treat yourself.

    CJ xx

  2. Thank you. Not often I actually get out to the shops, and I know it will be a while again now as I am exhausted and will more than likely sleep all day. But it was worth it. Felt like quality family time which is definatley what the doctor ordered!! xx

  3. It's me again! I've added your blog to my Blog Promotions page on my blog. Hope that's okay xx

  4. Thats brilliant, thank you xx