Tuesday, 19 July 2011

GP = Mess up time and time again!

Well, I haven't had the best of experiences as far as NHS and GP's are concerned. The first time I saw (lets call her Dr X) she seemed dismissive. Everything as far as she was concerned was post natal. Bad back and sciatica, even migraines. There was just no hope. I was going back time after time, (think there's a song there ha ha) begging for some help and for something to be done.

The response you will just have to wait to see your Rheumatologist. My appointment was four months away. I asked if it could be put through urgently. Or could I see a Rheumatologist nurse? The answer no, because I was classed as a new rheumy patient after moving away from Plymouth and coming back, she also told me what I now Know to be a lie, four months is quick.

But yet a few weeks a go she confirmed for me that an urgent appointment was a month. Yet a non urgent should be three months, ergo I was far from urgent. My consultant was highly annoyed I hadn't been sent for an MRI because of the fact that the back and sciatica problems had been going on for more than 8 weeks.

So as you all know I got my MRI and results so wont get in to that again. I am now back to square one because no-one wants to do anything because they want the other person to sort out the other problem first. Talk about book passing so the only option really was to keep the pain levels under control.

One day when I couldn't get out of bed I asked for a home visit to be told that they don't do them unless your elderly. Apparently the disabled don't matter. Plus the only Dr you can see at that surgery if you are disabled is Dr X.  So anyway she phoned, told me my stomach ache that I was getting under my breast was probably just things going back to normal after the pregnancy. She's the Dr right I'm not going to disbelieve that.

Luckily it was my dermatologist nurse.. yes a person who deals with skin, who said he felt I needed to get an ultra sound as he felt I had gallstones. He also promised me if the Dr didn't organise one he would get it sorted. Lucky for me the Dr was off that day and it was a different Dr I saw who came to the same conclusion.

Whenever I have been in with a complaint, she has NEVER examined me. I then went in one day when my sciatica was particularly bad, different Dr she decided to prescribe me trammadol and also said that she felt it may be worth me going to a and e in case it was something more serious.

After saying this she hmms and ahhs and says do I want to go. Well not really. But if its serious and there is a possibility that it could lead to complications then yes I am prepared to go. My friend who is sat with me at this point says I think she should go because you think she has candine equine (sp?) which if I had I would need an operation straight away.

So she says Yes Yes you should defiantly go. However, if it isn't that you may get in to trouble for wasting their time. Erm hang on a minute- YOUR REFERRING ME?! So we get to a and e, and see that she has put on my notes that I demanded to go to a and e. Your having me on right? I hate hospitals I'd rather avoid them!!

So back to Dr X. I am told by her that she doesn't see the point in coming out she can prescribe me over the phone. I have been telling her every time I go how emotional I am and how down and depressed I am feeling. In the end I had to beg to go back on to anti depressants as I wasn't coping.

Then my husband comes home with the prescription's and she has given me a wrong dose. A low dose. So because I have to double up I end up running out early.

Then when I end up going in to tell her I have found a lump I want checking she doesn't allow me to talk before saying are the patches working lets reduce them down. Well to start with I am sat in a wheel chair when in the past I have been on crutches. No they are helping but I'm not pain free yet, can we try going up a level?

No lets not, lets not stick with something that's showing signs of progress lets take  you off that and put you on another for of patch. She tells me its still an opium drug but shes not sure of dose conversion so puts me on the lowest form.

I am then having a conversation with a nurse and she says the dose I have been give isn't even at a pain killer level. Its actually for when your jumping from like a 50-70 so you don't jump to high to quickly.

This is after I am starting to feel like I've been hit by a truck. My back and hips are getting worse. My gallbladder is starting to play me up, my joints are the worst they have ever been. I struggle get up the stairs with help from T and D. I get in to my wheelchair.

I need the toilet I can barely stand before my legs start moving in different directions. I have no control over them and then my arms are going, cue crying snot monster. I cant do this I cant cope. I am in more pain than when I was in labour, as I didn't cry or scream then. I'm doing both now. I am shivering feeling violently sick. Its possible I am having withdrawals as I haven't been put on the same type of patch.

I call the doctor out, originally until I break down as the pain is too much he isn't going to do anything. Finally someone comes out gives me pain relief in injection form as well and an anti inflamatory injection as I cant take that orally. As well as anti sickness, after he is gone I take the rest of my medication and have a blissful sleep. I have slept pretty much all of today.

So I rang the doctors to find out about my referral letter for private consultant. Surprise surprise they have messed that up, I was told I could collect it by the doctor but the secretary tells me I shouldn't have been told that as that's not supposed to happen they send it straight to the private hospital. Good job I hadn't chosen Bupa!!

Then I tell them that the doctor must ring me as I need to go back on the previous medication as obviously I cant keep calling out the doctor! She says she will write a prescription out and gets the incorrect dosage amount. Seems pretty incompetent especially as I had to point out to her that I was on 52.5mcg not 35mcg she says she never prescribed it. I tell her to check the system. She does and shuts up.

So the conclusion I have come to is to change GP. Also don't trust the buggers. I just wanted to share my experience and see if anyone else has had a despairing experience with their doctors? Does it ever end?


  1. You are not alone....It took me 3 attempts for my GP surgery to take my son's jaw problem seriously. third attempted i demanded to see a paediatrician. Once we saw him and he agreed there was a problem then everything else went smoothly...

    Mind you this is the same GP surgery where one of the doctors (female one) told me at 36 i had left it a bit late to have children!!!!

  2. Thats disgusting! I can not believe that she told you that you had left it to late to have children! I hope you gave her a piece of your mind, she has no right to voice an opinion like that!! As for you son Im glad it finally got sorted but its sad that we have to go through so much to be heard. x