Sunday, 31 July 2011

My Guilty Pleasure - Retail Therapy

I have to say it. I must be a typical woman. When your down there is nothing better than a bit of retail therapy!! Especially when you get some bargains.

I had decided to make my way down the stairs. Whilst down there I knew I needed to get out of the house and it not be just for an appointment. So we decided to go to Tesco. D had a voucher for £5 off when you spent £50.

Well lets just say we definitely spent that. Originally I was just going to get a few books and a few more grows and vests in the next size up for H. Seriously though who can resist pretty dresses and dungarees when they are half price.

My husband seems to be a Jeans man. It always tickles me that whenever we go to a clothing shock in deep surprise he will say oh they stock my size. Every time, talk about gold fish memory. Well I did a deal if he wanted new jeans he could have them on the provision of chucking some of his old 8 yes 8 pairs away. Which reminds me I need to get him to actually chuck a pair away.

Hubby cracks me up if a top has a hole in he doesn't want it chucked because, well its a comfy top. If it has a stain on it.. He has a fair few of those then they are saved for decorating. Even though we have done all the decorating we intend to do before we move out. You see we are in married quarters and I would rather not spend a fortune on decorating it to have to put it back to square one in a year to 2 years!

Anyway, I am a pj girl at the moment. Considering I spend most of my time in my bedroom and when my skin is flared, they are the comfiest things to wear. So how could I resist when I saw some bright yellow sponge bob square pants pj's in the sale, in my size. That in my books is a sign. All my husband had to say on the matter was, they were that bright he would feel like the light was on even when he had turned it off humph!!

One thing that does annoy me though is how difficult it is to shop. I have to hold on to H in the wheel chair and D puts big bags for life on the back and fills them up, that's the only way we know how to do it at the moment. H loves it as she can see so much more than she can in her pushchair. But I do get annoyed when people come up and start touching her. I think its a bit rude!

So we left Tescos a lot lighter, with far to many clothes for H. And a few more clothes for ourselves. I don't know whether this would be seen as a good or bad thing but my hubby is better at picking clothes out for me than I am. But not always great at picking stuff out for himself!

So what do you do when your feeling down and want to cheer yourself up?

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