Saturday, 20 August 2011


Tattoos are a very personal thing. At least they are to me. Each of mine have a meaning. After seeing someone else post about tattoos a week or so ago I decided that it was time to post about each of mine.

I have to say they also can be rather addictive and if it wasn't for my psoriasis after I had H I would have had a tattoo for her.

Here is a picture of a tattoo on my wrist as you can see it is two love hearts entwined. Now I was 21 and had been thinking about getting a tattoo for such a long time. I had looked I had found a Tinkerbell picture I liked but had been warned by a tattoo artist that because it was in colour outline it probably wouldn't look as good and would really fade with time. So for a while I forgot about it.

Then me and the ex bf mentioned in friendship disaster posts. Went on our first ever girly holiday to St.Ives, its a stunning place and I love it. I loved the holiday and had so much fun. On our last night we went to a club and they stamped our wrists with the two love hearts so that we could go out for a fag and still get back in. I knew as soon as I saw that stamp on my wrist I had found what I wanted for a tattoo.

I think the tattoo artist saw me coming he charged £40 for it!

The second tattoo I got is as you can see a butterfly on the back of my neck. Now it was coming up to a friends wedding and I was having trouble finding a dress I liked. Well I had a dream in and in the dream I was wearing a beautiful colourful dress and had a butterfly tattoo on the back of my neck. When I ended up finding a dress almost identical to the one in my dream by pure chance, I decided it was a sign to get the next tattoo done.

My final tattoo is one on my foot which says freedom. I had seen it a few times before but refused to get it as it held no meaning for me. Anyway I think it was probably two years later and my skin had begun to clear up, to the point where by if you looked at me you wouldn't know. Also my joints had been better and I had stopped picking up every bug going. Then I moved in to a flat on my own. So a tattoo saying freedom seemed the perfect thing to get.
I would love to get more tattoo's especially one for H, but I can't because now my skin is quite bad so it would just attack the tattoo I am lucky that the ones I have haven't really been affected.


  1. im a tattoo addict too, i have about 14 (i think)

    steph from

  2. Good evening 'Mrs Bellers'
    Just visiting you to say thank you, I'm pleased you like the Blanket. Amazing to think the Squares have come from all over the World.
    I like you tattoos, although I wouldn't dare myself, too old! ha.ha.
    lOVE sUEX.

  3. wow 14! Thats alot I don't think I could put myself through it that many times haha! Mrs Twins your never too old for anything! Lol x

  4. I have one tattoo and that was enough pain for me! Hubby and I had matching ones done on our hips instead of getting engagement rings - very romantic and lovely but OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW !
    ps. yes I am a right wimp
    pps. just found your blog and in the words of Arnie - I'll be back !