Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Shared firsts- Day two of Holidays

Well not long after I finished writing my blog yesterday madam finally went to sleep and had to be woken up in the morning! She is currently in her cot sleepy but banging the sides as if in protest.  I think she is used to having her light system and mobile at home, her home comforts, but she will be asleep soon. Fingers crossed!
Today was a good day. Originally we were going to go to a swimming pool and then go to the beach. However, on the way there the traffic was manic. So we changed our mind and decided to go to Butlins instead, as whilst that may be busy as there is so much to do, you don’t tend to get caught in the crowds as much.
So off we trotted. Well me and H sat like ladies of leisure whilst D had the pleasure of pushing us about. We set off first for something to eat, because D isn’t a happy bunny if he is starving and made to go around too much.

After that we had a wonder around at the shops.  Managed to get a beautiful handmade wooden duck bedroom sign for H and they did the name in front of us. I then also seen a very pretty box with a picture of a ballerina on. So we got that as well! To be honest the stuff was beautifully made and cheap, makes a change!
Then as I have wanted to for ages. As H has had her jabs, it was time to…. Take her for her first swim! She was a bit dubious at first and the bottom lip had come out. I think that was more due to the temperature of the indoor swimming pool, I myself was surprised at how cool it was.
Anyway, within minutes she was smiling and laughing. The minx has also learnt that if she kicks her legs enough she can either splash you, or move about it a bit. I didn’t think we would be in the pool long as I thought H would get bored, I think we must have been in there an hour when she started to get fussy.
(It was nice it was a first that both me and my hubby got to share. Hopefully there will be many more that we can share and not miss out on due to ill health/ working. )
Next  we took her out and put her poncho towel on top of her and wrapped her tinker bell towel round the rest of her. I put her on the cot/ changing station in the changing rooms. By the time I was about to get her changed she was out for the count!

When we had to take her wet clothes off it woke her up and she wasn’t impressed at all! When we came out of the building we saw the clouds, heard a rumble of thunder and decided it may be time to call it a day! H fell asleep in the car.
As soon as we walked in to the awning the heavens opened! We managed to beat the weather by about a couple of seconds! H was asleep soundly for a couple of hours, waking in time for her bath and last bottle, for which she did have heavy eyes. Although I am not complaining she is quietly sucking her thumb and I think she will gradually settle herself.
Think we are in for bad weather the rest of the week, so we will have to find ways to amuse ourselves and not get under one another’s feet too much!

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