Monday, 8 August 2011

The Good and The Bad

So for those who have been following my blog, you would know that I went to my Dad's caravan for a bit of a get away and a catch up. I really enjoyed it. Sadly though I had to cut it short. We were supposed to be there for nearly two weeks. Sadly I didn't even make it to a full week.

After a few days, which I have to say were fantastic. Me and the hubs got some quality time together, I felt well enough to do a little bit more for H. But sadly it would appear not staying in bed and going out or sitting down at a table, because trust me I didn't do much hoping not to have to go home early. But the weather finally set in to my bones and I didn't feel right.

Turns out I have a full blown cold, which has just sent my body completely crazy, I can hardly move and yesterday I was only awake for about 3 hours. I guess my body is trying to heal itself!

Well H has her first tooth coming through, can see it it's almost there. Luckily even if she needs more hugs at night, which I love who wouldn't, it doesn't seem to affect her too much. Apart from a horrid rash which we are getting checked at the docs today.

Also H is draining her 8oz and looking for more, so we are considering weaning her. I think we will ask for the doctors or health visitors advice. As they say to hold off until they are 6 months because their digestive system may not be ready and it can cause all sorts of problems for them later on in life.

H managed to get out of her routine on holiday but that's not to bad as she is slowly getting back in to the swing of things. I was sat watching her last night as she was chomping on her foot and wondered if she would still attempt it after her tooth comes through. If she does I don't think she will try again ha ha!!

On an even brighter note today is mine and the hubby's first wedding anniversary. Cannot believe its been a whole year, its flown. I know there will be many more happy years to come because in such a short space of time we have been through more than most couples go through in a life time, and are still managing to come out the other side loving one another more and more!

Well I am going to leave this post now to get some rest. Then hopefully once H goes to bed me and the hub can spend some quality time together!


  1. Sorry you ha to cut your holiday short, but congratulations on your wedding anniversary. Your little one sounds great, I also love those extra, snuggly nightime hugs, sadly my two are getting a bit beyond them now and I do miss them, even though I enjoy the undisturbed sleep!

  2. we are still lucky even with the teething she seems to be going through the night altho last night we heard a little noise and peaked in on her playing with her feet, wide awake. When I got back from the toilet and peaked in again she was fast off, and from what my step mum said when we were at the caravan it would seem she wakes up in the middle of the night for five mins has a lil play and goes back down again! How old are yours, i personally dont think im too old for cuddles lol!! x