Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Holidays - The stressful part

I am sat writing this as we are driving on our way to Skegness. It was a last minute decision. For the first time in weeks my joints seem to have eased a bit so its just my back and gallbladder giving me jip.

I now realise that no matter where I am I am going to be in pain. So why not be in pain somewhere nice near to a beach. Normally we would go to St.Ives but because its the school holidays the prices are sky high.
The reason for Skegness is because my Dad and Step mum have a caravan down there and have kindly invited us.

If I used to think packing and getting organised when it was just me and D was a nightmare. I don't know how to compare it now.. Hellish maybe? So stressful. You have to make sure you have everything.

Its amazing that one little person needs so much luggage! She has been fantastic during the journey. She had her jabs this morning and although she has been fine after her last lot you can never be to sure. She slept for the first 3 hours, only waking when we woke her to change and feed her.

Now she is back in her car seat playing with her toys and chatting away to them. Me and D are listening to the radio and shamelessly singing along, thankfully there are no open windows as we have the luxury of air conditioning.

I am looking forward to getting there, taking some more pain killers and laying down for a bit! Lets hope the weather is on our side. As this will be the last holiday in sometime as I am due gallbladder surgery and I also have hospital appointments coming out of my ears.

D has 2 weeks leave not sure how much of it we will use in Skegness I suppose it depends on how things go! I hope all of you who are on your holidays are enjoying yourselves and the weather is glorious for you.

Not sure if I will get Internet down in Skeg so if I don't you will probably be reading this post when I get home! Bit like postcards really, the people who send them always seem to arrive before a postcard does...

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