Thursday, 25 August 2011

The SleepWalker Returns

If you have read my blog from the beginning you will be aware that my husband is known to sleepwalk and talk. Mainly during stressful times.

Well after the neurosurgeon decided that yes we are going ahead with back surgery and urgently I think the stress for him was getting high again. What I sometimes forget, which is bad of me, is that this is hard on him to. Its not just me that's struggling to come up with a solution of how to look after H when hes at work when I can't even get to the bathroom myself anymore, let alone look after H, when holding her for more than two minutes if she is wriggling and playing leaves me in agony.

So anyway we came home that day and when we came through the door he hadn't locked his car as he was quickly going to the shops for something or other. Anyway that night we did the usual routine of feeding H and putting her to bed before we ate. A habit we must get out of because it means we aren't eating till 9/10pm which isn't really healthy.

Then we went through our evening ritual of playing finding hidden objects games. After glancing at the clock and seeing it was gone 3am (where does time go these days?!) I told him we both needed to go bed, as he would be up with H in the morning.

So just before I drifted off I remembered when we had come in from the hospital he hadn't locked his car, I was forgetting he had gone shops. I went through the ritual questions of "Are all the doors locked?" me "yep and every things turned off and the oven isn't afraid of the dark!"

The oven not being afraid of the dark was something I had come up with, because every time he cooked something in the oven he'd leave the light on. So after asking time and time again I just asked him did he leave the oven light on because it was afraid of the dark!

Moving on, so I put my head back on the pillow and cuddled back into him before jumping up and saying is the car locked? I was mainly worried as I had left my engagement ring in their after my MRI.

At this point my husband jumps up out of bed, flies to the bedroom door, slowly opening it up. He then looks round saying its safe, I still have my xp. He then slams the door shut and starts drawing something on it with his fingers which to me looks suspiciously like a smiley face. Startled I ask him what he is doing.
Getting the smiley faces, its vital for the energy. Deciding to go with the flow, because sometimes his sleep talking is amusing if not slightly strange. I say are you awake of course I am awake I just had to shut it down. Shut what down. The game you know the one. The game the game. So I name the game that we had been playing that night and with a slight smile and a sigh he says yeah.

Then nothing just pure snoring. About half an hour later I feel him getting up again. Where are you going. Getting something to eat is the reply I get. I hear the toilet flush and back up he comes, I ask what did he get to eat he muttered something and climbed back into bed.

So the next day it was time to discuss what was on his mind and apart from the odd sentence when I first wake him up when I need the bathroom in the night, we haven't had any more incidents yet!!

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