Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Holiday Night One

So we arrived safely in Skegness, I was glad the journey had ended. I think H and D were also relieved.

So everyone said their hellos and gave H cuddles and kisses. For the most part of the afternoon she was fine if not a little off colour but I suppose with her jabs that's to be expected. However, when A went to pick her up from her chair she started screaming and crying. There was no consoling her. It took me half an hour to calm her down.

I tried to give her calpol, admittedly she spat a fair bit back at me, can't blame her the bloody stuff is awful. Finally she settled a little and I managed to feed her a bit, she started falling asleep. Great I think only half an hour behind schedule.

The word jinx comes to mind, as well as minx. My back was spasming my legs were jerking out of control. I was ready  to cry. I was also worried that H was going to puke everywhere with the bouncing about. Nope seems she enjoyed that.

So after ten minutes of sleep the minx is wide awake again. In between trying to figure where we are going to fit the travel cot and making our bed up she is flitting from crying to laughing. Dribbling, pulling on her ears, biting at anything in site. Yup, definitely a teething baby.

So its 10 o'clock now we have put her in her travel cot, not that that's going to deter her from having a good night! She is happily squealing kicking her legs up and down in the air and moving about and punching her arms out.

So time to see if a warm bottle may make her sleepy. Although I will now be passing the reigns over to daddy as mummy needs to take her tablets. I'm beginning to wonder if doing this journey was the right thing to do.

I will give it a day or so and depending on how I feel, and how H is we may just have to cut it short. It seems to me the only thing that's helping with the spasming of arms and legs and persistent pain, is pretty much total bed rest. Which is completely gutting. I don't want to go home but fear if this carries on I will have no choice but to!

This can't go on. I won't be able to look after H on my own if this doesn't get sorted soon. Rather than getting upset about it. I'm starting to get really mad at the nhs at the fact that if you want something done quick you have to pay. Most of the time its an nhs doctor your paying, so in essence your jumping the queue, it would seem that if you have the money you get better treatment.

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