Sunday, 3 February 2013

Yodel- the worst delivery company

So just before Christmas we realised that going out to do the Christmas shopping wasn't going to happen!

So the best alternative was going to be online shopping. Some of which me and the husband did through Littlewoods.

We have used them before and never had a problem. If we aren't in they drop a note through the door or put it through the door next to the front door- it's almost like a mini shed attached to the house.

Anyways I was having a bad day and my husband had to nip out to the chemist to get me a prescription.

I heard the doorbell go, but obviously I didn't answer it because I couldn't get to it.

The next thing I know I've heard the door fling open and someone's in my house. I heard them walk in to the living room (we have a noisy stair gate). I was petrified. How would I fend off a burglar? I daren't ring the police incase they heard me and that brought them up the stairs. Then I heard them at the bottom of the stairs...

I couldn't breath. I was shaking. I've never had a panic attack before but I'm guessing that's exactly what I had! My husband got home to find me in a complete state. He also found a delivery in the kitchen. The outrage. The delivery driver had not just opened the door and put a parcel inside- oh no he had let himself in my house!

Furious my husband rang up yodel demanding to speak to a manager. The response he got was that managers don't do phone calls. When my husband went on to explain the situation and tell them that a manger would call us back his attitude was that the delivery driver had done us a favour! Yes because I call someone trespassing in to my house and giving me a panic attack, going through my things and walking about the house a favour NOT! Anyway it's been a month and yodel have still not contacted us!!

So I got on to Littlewoods. The next day another delivery came. The driver had obviously been told of our complaint as he laughed and joked to the husband about it! Disgusting! His excuse that the builders had opened the door and told him to go in.

Funny considering the builders had finished before lunchtime that day and the delivery showed up a few hours after!! Then when Littlewoods phoned they said that the driver had said that the builders took it off him and came in- two completly different stories. Not one apology from the driver and a poxy £20 gift voucher for the distress. Thanks a lot YODEL. Won't be using them again!!

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  1. i am really not suprised, they attempted something similar with us, i heard the door knock, i had to make sure my little boy was safe in the living room 1st, and as i turned to walk down my hall they tried the handle of the front door and tried to push it, luckily it was locked, i then heard harry scream, the man was then banging and peering through the front window! just disgusting. they have also thrown items of clothing over our back fence into our back garden where our dogs are. i got no reply both times i complained. there a nightmare x