Friday, 1 February 2013

First Infusion

Well my first infusion went well..

I was worried it would be canceled as I had a slight cough. However all night before it seemed to have disappeared. Then when I needed to cough I held it in haha!

It would seem unlike with humira I didn't get any side effects (yet, touch wood). With humira within half an hour if e in agony with my stomach and being sick!

Today I do feel rubbish. I'm exhausted. The cough is back with a vengeance. But the worst is not being able to move as my whole body feels like lead... I think it's more to do with the cough/cold. Lets hope so anyway!

So the next one is on valentines day. Lets hope it doesn't take six months to kick in as they say but sooner!


  1. What is an infusion?? Sorry for my ignorance xxxx

  2. Not ignorant at all I forget that not everyone knows lol. Basically it's a drug I'm on called remicade for arthritis and psoriasis but because of the type of drug it is it has to be mixed with saline and given through a drip over three hours whilst your monitored incase you have a bad reaction xx