Sunday, 3 February 2013

Feeling rough

So after feeling rough and waking up with raging ear ache th past few days I let the oh get me a dr apt. (I'm supposed to go if I get so much as a sore throat)

Sadly for me I have an ear infection as well as a chest infection on top of a cold. So my body feels like led. And as much as I'd love to get out for some fresh air I can't even get to the bathroom! So an open window is having to do for now.

So today I thought I'd watch all my Grey's anatomy discs again.. Only to get to season one disc two and its missing. It really irritates me that my husband can't put the bloody discs back in the box! I mean its not hard. The disc case is always by the player so you just take it out and voila it's away. But no. Lets just waste money an ruin discs because doing that's such hard work *rolls eyes*. So I'm counting to ten before I have a row.....

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