Friday, 1 February 2013


I tell you as much as I love Facebook I hate it to. Actually being more precise I hate the way it's used.

These days it would seem that people have forgotten how to have a conversation. Or how to be honest with one another.

My policy has always been that I would never say behind someone's back what I wouldn't say to there face.

Then there's the statuses that are put up purely to start a row and when that happens the sudden back down!!

Today I've logged on again to see yet more cryptic statuses you know the ones of 'I'm thinking of you, you know who you are' and then said person refuses to actually say whats going off. It's obvious these are done purely for attention.

Then there's the people who you contact to see how they are and they ignore it but god forbid your not running around after them when they pop up they have a cold... I will admit I'm guilty as sin for putting up a status when I feel crappy.. However I don't post all my stuff on there. Plus I don't ignore people and I certainly don't expect people to run around after me.

Some things in life private which leads to my biggest bug bear...

Someone putting up something slating someone. When you point out that I dunno they are doing the same thing all you get in reply is its none of your business. This cracks me up. If it was so private why post it on there in the first place?!

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