Tuesday, 12 February 2013


So I was supposed to have my next infusion on the 14th. However, I ended up with a chest infection and the infusion had to be put back a week. I went back to the doctor today because I'm still coughing up mucus. I'm still feeling ill and throwing up. But the dr won't give anything because bloods that were done two weeks ago were fine. And my temptature was fine. Never mind the fact that my it's extremely rare or my temp to go up. He wouldn't give me anything for my earache saying that its possibly a viral infection. Note possibly.

So as frustrating as that was I was happy to go along with it as it means getting my infusion a week Thursday.

Just got a phone call from the rheumy nurse to say that's not going to happen as there's no one there to do it. So it's being put back another week. Which leaves me feeling frustrated and upset wondering what the point is if I can never have it when I'm supposed to?

I don't have any fight left in me. I don't want to be on painkillers stuck in bed unable to move because of the pain. But why fight it because clearly no one else is prepared to fight it on my behalf. The whole idea of a doctors appointment when ill is so they check my blood because of how dangerous some of the side effects are. So if they aren't going to do their job properly. So that leaves me with the decision of do I bother with the treatment any more? Because if I can't trust my doctor to be on the look out then I can't do this.

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