Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Clever clogs

Well my daughter is certainly wise beyond her years. Her speech is fantastic and she is just the most lively clever well behaved little girl I've ever met. I may be slightly biased!!

Today I'm flicking through some old photos of her and in between her shouting cheese and beautiful- to the pictures of herself haha. She says I remember and starts pointing to a photo.. I wonder if she does remember. Or if she even knew what I remember meant.

Then she starts trying to take her picture on the iPad. Then I tell her the iPad will be going sleep in a minute. It's an easier way to get things of her ha. So she goes quiet and when I turn back round she proudly says to me 'I did it' 'I fix'. So I ask her what she's done and follow to where she's pointing. She's only gone and plugged it in so it won't go sleep!!

Now her trick is to climb in to our bed on her dads side tell him bye bye. As she is going na nights. Give me a kiss pull the quilt up and snuggle in to me. Gosh I love my little girl so much. We have been truly blessed with her!

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