Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Little H and Me

Firstly big apologies for neglecting my blog so badly. I promise I will try to come on more often with updates but life for me at the moment has been one manic time!

For those of you who follow my blog you will know I recently have had a back operation and needed to move back in with my mum so she could help look after the little one whilst I got back on my feet as my husband wasn't allowed any more compassionate time off, as he had had quite alot.

This back operation was a risk as we didn't know that it would solve my back pain. Obviously with any spinal surgery it also carried risks. I was so desperate that I was ready to try anything.
I have to say its the best thing I have ever done. Yes I am still waiting to have my gallbladder out and to find out why my arms and legs sometimes have a life of their own. But to go from being wheeled from the bedroom to the bathroom because I couldn't walk that far due to the pain. To being able to feed H and walk is just amazing.

Being in swindon has also come with benefits like many visitors! So it's been great but it means that I havent had much time to myself. Which is hard enough to come by as it is! I have enjoyed it don't get me wrong. I have also enjoyed the fact that the time me and hubby have spent together has been more quality time because we are making the most of what we have!

H is changing everyday at the moment. To start with in the highchair she had to sit on the cushion, that was only a week ago, but now she doesn't need that cushion as she has grown so much!
She can sit up unaided for short periods of time. She can get anywhere she wants by rolling and commando crawling. She says mumumumum and dadadada. She can also say yeah and no.

It was quite funny last night she was being really loud and it was getting close to her bed time. So I turned to her and said, it's quiet time now H your going bed soon. To which me and my mum heard a shouted NO! Well she probably didn't know what it meant but it was comical timing!

A quick update on me, I am still in Swindon but I don't think it will be long before I am able to go home. Admittedly the house work and cooking will still fall down to D but as long as I can sort H out and get myself breakfast which I need to start remembering we will be alright!

I also know that when I move back it doesn't matter if I don't see many people as I have one friend who has texted me everyday and has kept my spirits right up. I have never met this lady but I can't wait to. Once again people like this restore my trust in people. As that as most of you who are regular readers will know has been such a hard thing for me to do, after a fair few people collectively used and abused my trust.

I have decided to write a letter to H, for her to look back on in years to come.

Dear H,
When I am feeding you please stop looking down and moving your head just as the spoon is going in, I don't like it anymore than you do when the food goes up your nose.

Also after dinner time you are messy and I need to wipe you down. Your baby wipes are NOT food please stop trying to eat them.

When I am changing your bum it would be great if you didn't keep rolling over because it would be done quicker and everyone would be happy.

I know you like to think your the next Houdini but you can leave your high chair straps alone!! Your too little to start trying that!

When I say no to you, your not supposed to laugh. When I say no and you get upset don't look to your dad, he's on my side!

But mostly I have to stop going shops as you have enough toys and clothes now lol!

I love you lots, but please just go to sleep at your nap times like a good girl!
Mummy xxx

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