Thursday, 22 September 2011

Impluse Buying Strikes Again

Well I think that's it as a family we can officially say we win hands down at impulse buying. Last weekend I had decided that whilst I still had my wheelchair, as I can only walk short distances that it was the best time to go Christmas shopping. I wanted to get all of it done and dusted so that within a few weeks I could wrap them up ready to rock and roll!

So I was huffing and puffing a bit when the husband turned his nose up at ALL of my suggestions for his family, I have warned him if he isn't careful he will be doing the Christmas shopping himself. He then retaliated that he could always Internet shop. To which I retaliated well look where that got people last year.

So I think at this stage we both realised that enough was enough we weren't getting any further but have
managed to completely tick two people off the list and get our Christmas cards. Which I must say was a bargain one of the bits I picked up in said shop should have been £15 alone and the cards another £5 on top. When in total it came to £7.10 I wasn't arguing!!

So anyway knowing how much I love rabbit's and dogs and well most animals. Hub and me decide we would take H to see the animals, yup even as young as she is she's a great excuse!!

Well we kind of came out with a bunny rabbit. He's completely back except for one of his front paws that is white and under his neck I was a bit worried about telling mum about her overnight guest visitor but she actually seemed quite happy! Well until she got home and realised it was indoor visitor!

It's not the first impulse buy and to be honest, compared to the last impulse buy this one was extremely tame. When I was about 8 months pregnant, don't remember if I have told this one or not baby brain, so I am going to tell it again! I had a real bad craving for lamb chops.

On the way to the shop we ended up buying a car. Can honestly say its the most expensive lamb chops ever, but then in all fairness. It had to be done at the time, we were getting about in a Mazda M X 5 for those who don't know about cars, its a tiny two seater and not ideal for a pregnant lady.

So that was my day last weekend, did you do anything interesting.

My back did still seem to be on the mend until today, but I suppose everyday is a day closer to getting me home, I just hate not knowing when. I also apologise now for badly neglecting my blog the last few days, when I haven't been looking after H I have been sleeping or on the phone to the hubby, who I think may actually be finding this harder than me. At least I am being inundated with visitors whilst he's left walking round the house seeing mine and H's things and expecting us just to be in the next room. Although he is staying up beat, maintaining that as long as I don't put myself back by doing too much too soon that's a good thing, which sadly I have to agree with!


  1. oh I so know what you mean about a husband who is awkward about buying presents - i.e. he can't eb botehred to think of anything, and when i suggest things for his family he says 'no'! I blame it on his mum persoanlly ;) Sure she's miffed at me for never getting his family nice presents, but tough. :)

  2. It's so annoying, I am glad someone understands. But if he doesn't pull his finger out of his bottom they won't have anything as I intend to follow through with my threat lol!