Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Bit of a random post...

So because I am on morphine I have no appetite and throw up a lot. So before I take my tablets I like to line my stomach and well if I can't eat I find a milkshake the nicest and tastiest way to do this..

So when doing an Asda shop (yes on a scooter. And yes I crashed as usual. Twice ha) I spotted a new Friji shake flavour. Caramel Late. It was on offer Even better!

So I take my milkshake home and before tablet time drink it. Tasted alright. Get towards the bottom. OH NO... True to type I've treated myself and its about to go wrong...

There's lumps. It's off. It's 9 days out of date. Now bear in mind I've hardly an immune system an have to eat the diet of a pregnant lady...

Cue four days of 'which end should go on the toilet first' and crippling tummy pains.

So true to my style I kept the bottle and receipt.. And as soon as I could leave the bathroom trotted off to asda to complain. Didn't expect anything other than a redund...

They gave me the full price of the milkshake and not the cheap price I payed plus a £20 voucher! Impressed.

So considering what happens when I treat myself I played it safe getting some outfits for H and a new set of pjs for me... I'm hoping I can't go wrong with PJs... Although there is a story involving Pjs me littlewoods and a bad delivery company... Ill save that for another day!


  1. I make my own that's if you have a blender ready. I use 1 banana, 1 cup or 250ml of skimmed milk (use whichever milk you use) and 1 Tablespoon of smooth peanut butter ( I use the one from Lidl).

    Blend till smooth and drink straight away. Sometimes I get banana lumps if i'm in a rush but they taste just as yummy.

    1. That sounds yummy! Planning on investing in a new blender as lost the lid to mine during a move doh! But will try that! Can you taste the peanut butter? I know my husband will love that!

  2. Oh hun you are such an inspiration! Keep going girl xxxx