Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Health and Hard Decisions

Well as regular readers will know I have psoriasis and psoratic arthritis.

After moving to Scotland I broke my wrist and things with my arthritis seemed to go downhill from there.

For nearly two years in Plymouth I had been fighting to get treatment but due to funding it was a war between which department would pay which meant it never happened!

Well when things got really bad hubs had to take a lot of compassionate leave and didn't end up going to sea. We got a lot of crap for that. Not his fault.

I ended up in hospital for nearly a month and was on Iv morphine regularly until a treatment plan was ready they didn't want me to leave.

They agreed for me to start Humira. Sounded great- could be the miracle drug we were looking for. Sadly it turned out to be the opposite. I ended up with drug induced MS and other symptoms. I had to come off it, I'm still suffering from every cold and bug going its the joys of immune suppressing drugs. Thankfully the MS symptoms have reversed themselves!

Having had that and then come off it meant I was just as bad as when I got admitted if not worse. So painkillers were increased until I could start the next one.

Sadly though it can take 6 months to work and even then I could still need a lot of help around the house as I do now. Most days hubs has to lift me up out of the bed for me to get to the toilet and stairs are impossible.

I've had to shave off all my hair because the psoriasis was that bad and thats quickest way to heal it. Plus it had nearly all fallen out anyway so it was quicker to just shave it rather than wake up to clumps every morning.

With all of this going off. We realised that hubs needs to be at home to help me aswell as to help look after the little one. Plus the painkillers im on are so strong i often fall asleep.So he's handed his notice in to become my carer and we are waiting to find out if he can get a compassionate discharge so we can move back to friends and family.

I start my infusions on Thursday and I have everything crossed that things improve!

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