Thursday, 15 December 2011

A great week!

So the last few days have been great and lifted my spirits. There's only one down side to this week and that was my rheumatology appointment. I went in to explain about my hip, it only hurts when I walk and it feels like bone grinding on bone which is really painful. He wasn't suprised and basically told me its not a case of if it's a case of when I need a hip replacement but obviously they want to prolong that for as long as is possible!

The other thing is how broody I have been. I know that I would be stupid to have another one until my health is under control and it wouldn't be fair on H. Plus in the new year the hubby's going back on submarines.

I'm not as upset as I normally would be because I have Holly and we can go visiting friends...

Speaking of that! On Tuesday I got a phone call from hubby saying that he had a training course in Portsmouth and me and H could go with him so I texted a good friend of mine who I hadn't yet met who lives there asking if she knew of any cheap hotels. Well she did but asked us to stay with her and her family! I had a great time it was lovely to have adult company and someone to help with H although i was very proud of myself for looking after an 8 month and 4 month old for just over half an hour! And it didn't stress me to much but then again it wasn't for long!

Well we have a new bed coming on Monday and them as the hubby is on leave we are off to go see my mum in Swindon and exchange Xmas gifts.

I feel kind of torn about Christmas at the moment. Originally it was going to be the three of us for H's first Christmas but hubby's uncle has invited us to spend it with his family. I get the impression that hubby wants to go as he feels it should be a time when your with family. But we are a family the three of us. I don't mind doing something boxing day I just had certain expectations of this Christmas with it being H's first and I know I'm maybe putting to much pressure on myself. But I also want to do what's going to make the hubby happy. Plus his uncle and aunt have always been so good to us that I kind of feel like I'm letting them down if I don't go. Can I just cancel Christmas this year?! It's giving me a headache everytime we seem to have a plan and are all sorted and then everything changes!!

Patch the bunny is not in the good books today. The little darling managed to get hold of the curtains through his cage god knows how, and an he's chewed a nice hole in it. He definatley needs the snip he's getting a wee bit boisterous!!

H is thriving although had us worried when she lost her appetite but the dic has said she's fine she's just teething really bad!!

She's desperate to walk and keeps trying to stand without furniture! She's just such a happy baby and it really does make my life easier looking after her. Although she does have a stubborn streak and has a new thing where by when I tell her no she replies yes!!! She's getting her own personality and is a real poser for the camera.

I'm making the most of Christmas by dressing her up and taking pictures! I have also realised that the buggy I have is useless the brakes don't always work and one of the wheels keep going wonky plus it's a bit heavy for me so I think after Xmas I may be saving to get a new one!

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